Career Counseling

Career Exploration / Job Satisfaction – Everyone wants a career that is  purposeful and enjoyable. But how do you find such a job? I will help you explore both yourself and careers to find options where you fit. Research has shown that it is not as simple as “following your passion” or being highly compensated. But there is a strong link between meaningful work and job satisfaction. Together we can explore and develop passion for work that you will enjoy and brings you a sense of purpose.

Counseling – Often times when considering a career change, people become anxious. It is not easy making a change, especially when financially supporting a family. Together we will identify the values that are important to you and identify the steps necessary to make the transition to a more rewarding career.

Career Advancement – Feeling stuck in your job with nowhere to go? Identify your strengths and learn how to promote your accomplishments and get recognized for the value you bring to the organization.

Mock Interviews – Employers assess your fit, both interpersonally and competency based, through an interview. Identifying the core skills an employer is seeking and identifying your experience that matches is critical. Together we will practice making your pitch to help you be more confident in the interview.